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Have you always wanted to know what it would be like to be a pilot in the glory days of aviation? Now you can experience the sounds, smells and feel of flight in a genuine warbird! Fly The Dream operates a variety of classic aeroplanes from the 1930’s and 1940’s, and now YOU can share the excitement!

We have a varied fleet, which you can explore here, from the open cockpit Bücker Jungmann to the twin-engined Avro Anson, and we offer a variety of ways in which you can share our enthusiasm for vintage aviation. Special photographic sessions, cockpit visits, and flights in the Anson, Yak-11 or (coming soon) the T28!

All Fly The Dream passenger flights are operated under an approval system administered by the UK Civil Aviation Authority called Safety Standards and Consent (SSAC). This requires amongst many other things that we brief our passengers fully on the unavoidable risks involved in flying in classic aircraft. It also means that you will get a full refund if you decide against taking the flight, for whatever reason. This applies up to the very moment of entering the runway prior to take-off!

Historic location.

Sleap (pronounced "Slape") is an ex-Royal Air Force airfield, opened in 1943, and used by RAF advanced flying training. Initially it was the base for No. 81 Operational Training Unit equipped with Armstrong Whitworth Whitley bomber aircraft.

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